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We are a fully endorsed ORVIS® fly fishing school. We also offer fly fishing guide tours. If you're looking for supplies, come down to the store to see our full selection of fly fishing rods, equipment, fly tying materials and accessories or go online to the Orvis Store.

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Fly Fishing by Boat
Upper Deerfield River Project
In 1912 the Deerfield River was dammed, and Lake Whitingham created for hydro-electric power. A wood pipe was also built from just above the lake to Somerset dam seventeen miles away, and the water from the river diverted through the pipe for more electric generating. From that time in 1912 to three years ago the riverbed was dry most of the summer, and fall. One of the best wild trout streams ruined. Three years ago to get federal relicensing, constant flows through the river had to return.

NO ONE EVER DREAMED it would create one of the best trout streams in New England, according to the March issue of Fly Fisherman magazine, and Fly Fish America. The Upper Deerfield River in our Mount Snow Valley area has exploded with brookies, rainbow, browns, and landlocked salmon. The water temperature in August of 1999, the hottest in fifty years, reached 58 degrees from the water coming from the bottom of the dams.

Guides reported sports releasing 25 to 35 fish in a days fishing, and up to 24 inches. Each of the last three years we have seen geometric jumps in the number and size of fish, as the insect population grows.

As a result this reborn fishery, Taddingers ®ORVIS provides a guiding service on the Upper Deerfield, as well as fly fishing schools. Take a look below for more information or give us a call at (802) 464-6263.

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Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing School

orvis endorsed fly fishing schools

Two-Day Fishing School
Full instruction on casting, knot tying, stream tactics, matching the hatch for fly selection, and introduction to fly tying.
The package includes:

  • Use of ORVIS® equipment
  • Lunch each day
  • Three day Vermont fishing license.

    You may want to bring hip boots for the field trip portion of the class where you will fish all the various segments of a stream; flats, flows, ripples, rapids and pools. If you prefer, this can also be done from the shore.

    $315 per person.

    Call (802) 464-5812 or to book today!

    One-Day Fishing School
    Instruction on fly casting, knot tying, stream tactics, matching the hatch, and use of ORVIS® equipment.
    Lunch is also included.

    $195 per person.

    Call (802) 464-5812 or to book today!

    One-Hour classes
    Available for the six necessary casts to successfully fly fish.

    $30 per hour, per person.

    Call (802) 464-5812 or to book today!

    Fishing schools are held at The Inn at Saw Mill Farm, Nordic Hills Lodge and the Doveberry Inn.

    Taddingers/Orvis - Fly Fishing Guides

    orvis endorsed outfitters

  • Taddingers is a fully endorsed ORVIS guiding and outfitting service. We guide the famous Upper Deerfield River watershed, for half day and full day programs.

    Half Day Guide Tour
  • Four hours of fly fishing
  • Full Streamside lunch
  • We provide all equipment or you may use your own

    $165 - 1st person
    $95 each additional (up to 2)

    Call (802) 464-6263 or to book today!

    Full Day Guide Tour
  • Eight hours of fly fishing.
  • We provide all equipment or you may use your own

    $310 - 1st person
    $95 each additional (up to 2)

    Call (802) 464-6263 or to book today!

    A Vermont license is required, and may be purchased in our store. We are a full Orvis dealer, and offer the full Orvis line of equipment at our facility. Since you will be in some of the most beautiful country and among all kinds of wildlife, a camera is a good idea.

    Boat Guides
    We offer fly casting or spin casting by boat on Lake Whitingham, a ten mile long lake, and the river flats.
    Two anglers can be accommodated.

    18 foot Century
    Add $95 to regular guide rate.

    Flats Boat
    Add $75 to regular guide rate.

    Call (802) 464-6263 or to book today!

    Alternative Programs - For those with different interests, we offer mixed programs at certain times of the year, please inquire with one of our associates.

    Our standard cancellation policy applies 50% deposit required, foul weather cancellations are at the call of the guide.

    Call 802-464-5812 or to book today!

  • 802-464-5812
    For brochure or catalogue requests, e-mail

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